release 2022-04-27

BRI Danareksa Sekuritas and Holding Danareksa Gives Al Quran and Basic Needs

Danareksa Holding

Jakarta, 27 April 2022 - PT BRI Danareksa Sekuritas ("BRIDS") as an associate entity of Holding PT Danareksa (Persero) participates in Sharing Al Quran and Basic Needs Packages to a number of Islamic boarding schools and mosques in Jabodetabek

As a multi-sector company, Holding Danareksa is committed to increasing its contribution to the welfare of society. The active form of Holding Danareksa is distributed to religious communities ahead of Eid Al-Fitr 2022 through the distribution of the Koran and a number of food packages.

Holding Danareksa, on 27 – 28 April 2022, together with PT Balai Pustaka (Persero) as a holding member will distribute 1,248 Al Quran books in stages to a number of Islamic boarding schools and mosques in Jabodetabek. In addition, Holding Danareksa also collaborates with the Penembus Boundary Foundation to distribute food packages in 5 regions, namely DKI Jakarta, Malang, Medan, Bali and Semarang.

This activity is a synergy of members of Holding Danareksa, namely PT Nindya Karya, PT Clearing Futures Indonesia (KBI), Medan Industrial Estate, Wijayakusuma Industrial Estate (KIW), PT Makassar Industrial Estate PT Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (KBN), PT Balai Pustaka. In addition, PT Perusahaan Pengelola Asset (PPA), PT Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (SIER), Perum Jasa Tirta 1, Perum Jasa Tirta 2, PT Virama Karya, PT Yodya Karya, PT Danareksa Investment Management (DIM), PT BRI Danareksa Sekuritas , and PT Danareksa Finance.