Under an experienced management and expert leadership, BRIDS provides effective and comprehensive solutions for investors in the capital market.

Ade Kusmayadi
Internal Audit Division Head
Ari Suprawadi
General Affair & Procurement Purchasing Division Head
Danang Irawan
Business Strategy & Product Development Division Head
Edwin Sukri
Investment Banking Capital Market Division Head
Erindra Krisnawan, CFA
Equity Research Division Head
Ferdi Armand Hanafi
Retail Business Activation & Engagement Division Head
Helmy Kristanto
Chief Economist & Debt Research Division Head
Janwar Hendrawan
Finance, Accounting & Treasury Division Head
Moh. Burhan S. Widodo
Corporate Secretary
Mohamad Djuarsa
Information Technology Division Head
Reiza Afriansyah
Retail Business Acquisition Division Head
Roni Kurnia
Risk Management Division Head
Senri Djang Rono
Human Capital Division Head
Sriwidjaja Rauf
Legal, Compliance & KYC AML Division Head
Wudy Trihandono
Business Operation & Custody Division Head
Yofi Lasini
Institutional Equity Sales & Trading Division Head
Yopi Chandra Wardhani
Institutional Debt Sales & Trading Division Head